E-Commerce & Business Information

Jeremy Costin is a pioneer in e-commerce and business information law.  He cut his programming teeth on an Apple II in the eighties, hand-coded web pages in the mid-nineties, and was the Curriculum Director for Internet programming at a career college before becoming a lawyer.

The laws dealing with how information is acquired, protected, and used comprise a thread running through all sectors of business, from e-commerce to health care to fishing tourism.  Jeremy’s e-commerce and business information experience includes:

  • Developing privacy and knowledge management policies for a large health care services company.
  • Developing an agreement for information protection and management, including an intellectual property trust, which has been used in biotechnology, aviation, and even app development contracts.
  • Drafting the shareholders’ agreement, customized to address significant intellectual property and other intangible asset contributions by founders, for a start-up eco-tech company.
  • Advising an international transportation logistics organization regarding the development and maintenance of their mission-critical global software system, including IP succession issues.
  • Amending and preparing licence agreements for a multinational e-mail filtering company.
  • Setting up one of the first Community Contribution Companies in British Columbia, operated by a global information technology group.
  • Advising numerous e-commerce start-ups, preparing terms of use agreements, privacy and other policies, supplier licensing agreements, legal terms required for Apple platforms, and terms related to jurisdictional privacy matters.